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Long Term Resident "We want to send a note of appreciation for the construction crew that's been working on our floor all week. First of all regarding the noise - basically none, a hammer sound here and there, but certainly nothing disturbing. We have been home during the day the entire week and barely noticed from inside that they were there. They were courteous, neat, quiet, polite over the entire week. Also, and most amazing is how clean they leave the hall each day...Please relay to them what a great job they did this week on our floor and how much we appreciated their consideration."

1889 Sedgwick Avenue Tenant Association "We, tenants residing at 1889 Sedgwick Avenue, and members of the 1889 Sedgwick Avenue Tenant Association, write to sincerely 'thank you' for the excellent work you have completed in our building. '1889' is a safer place to live because of enhanced lighting and security fences installed around the perimeter of the building, a new intercom system, replacement of security cameras and repair of our building entryway.

Sandra Schneider, Resident at Independence Plaza "The Independence Plaza Buildings have never been better since taken over by Stellar Management. The lobby is fabulous. An absolute pleasure to walk in and out. I would like to add that lobby personnel are consistently friendly and an absolute pleasure to deal with."

Edward S. , Former Resident at Independence Plaza "The past four years at Independence Plaza has been great and I will surely look to Independence Plaza in the future if I return to NYC."

Jessica M., Resident at Independence Plaza "When I stated that our dishwasher was not fixed with the first attempt I got a prompt response and a new dishwasher that day! This is incredible service and I could not happier. Thank you!"

A.G. "I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that not only had my shower drain been unclogged and the light in my living room replaced, but also the bathroom lights that had burned out were replaced and my kitchen light that had been burning out was replaced!! A+"

1889 Sedgwick Avenue Tenant Association "You have taken time to listen to us, address our concerns, and have worked with us to ensure that building issues have been resolved in a positive, timely and professional manner."

Resident Organization "We are glad that you manage our building, and are extremely grateful for all that you have done - and will continue to do- on behalf of tenants."

Long Term Independence Plaza Resident "I highly recommend living here at Independence Plaza. I love it here."

Matt King- Current Resident "Stellar Management and it's buildings located on Vermilyea Avenue in Inwood include an outstanding on-site Superintendent available 24 hours a day/7 days a week. The location is in a perfect area between the A train and 1 Train. Clean, quiet, and modernized Stellar's staff has done a great job of upgrading and renovating the apartments. Any issues that may come up are resolved in a timely and professional manner from the Superintendent, to the property manager, you're in good hands with Stellar Management!"

Rama - Current Resident at 120 Vermilyea My first few months in the Stellar Management building at 120 Vermilyea have been excellent! I love the apartment! It is brand new and tastefully decorated with modern features. When I first moved in I had a couple of issues that needed minor repairs but in the process I got to meet a very friendly Super and efficient repairmen. They were both so welcoming and eager to help with any requests I had. I also met the manager of the building who chatted me up and asked me about my experience so far. When I bumped into him 2 weeks later, he remembered me and asked me if everything was fixed up. I deeply appreciated that as it came from a genuine place. The maintenance staff that take care of the building are extremely hard working and I always see them cleaning the area. The only problem I have is the way some tenants are being disrespectful of the premise and of the work the staff is doing. A few have not been picking up after their pets or have gone as far as letting them pee in the hallways. I deemed these action very disrespectful to the staff who does an excellent work at ensuring that we live in a clean environment. I have mentioned this issue to Stellar Management and they have been very responsive. I would (and have) recommended the building to friends. I hope many more units will be renovated so that we can welcome more caring tenants.

Resident 2040 Eduardo, I would like to thank you for sending the right people to clean our rug in the apartment. They did a very good job. Everything was done well. Also Thank you for your concern and attention and handling of the leak we had in the apartment from the roof. Those workers you sent were very polite and professional. Also I would like to thank Glenny Santos for her assistance and helping us. P.S – My wife was very pleased as well!


Resident 2040

- Resident for 5+ years We've had a great experience living in this building. Great location. Beautiful view. Both apartments we've occupied were fully renovated before we moved in. The Super has been friendly, helpful and responsive to needs. The building manager and lease manager have been easy to work with. On the occasion we've had maintenance issues with our apartment, the Super and building management have worked to resolve all issues in a manner we're very pleased with. The elevator has been recently renovated, as well as the basement laundry area. The lobby, halls and sidewalk are kept clean and safe. All in all, we've had a fantastic experience with Stellar Management and our apartment building.

Melissa G. I love my apartment, I have been there 5 years and Stellar Management continues make adjustments and updates to the building as needed. Any time I have a question or concern about my apartment or the building, management is very responsive and helpful and always promptly takes care of any issues.

Dewey Thank you for having us in 173 west 81 st. We are very happy on how the way we have been treated as a tenant in this apartment and the staff are always there to help us out in any need. The water and heat are in good conditions as well as the hallways in the building are always kept clean. Thank you again for all of your great work. If you have any question please contact me.

Vitaliy E., Resident at 175 W 81st My wife and I live in 4D of 175 West 81st, which managed by Stellar. We are very happy with Stellar’s service. The building is well-maintained and the staff are friendly and responsive to the needs of the residents.

Cody Stellar Management has handled us very well since moving in seven months ago. We live in a great old style NYC apartment building that Stellar updated with modern day amenities. With an old building there are bound to be problems, but Stellar Management has always been prompt in addressing any issues. They have made living in New York City easy.

Felix, Resident at 120 Vermillyea I, Felix De La Cruz, along with my brother Roy have been living in apartment I-02 since June 2014. In the past two years, we've been nothing but satisfied tenants. With the consistent changes happening in the neighborhood, we're pleased to be a part of an up and coming community that is becoming as diversified as it is in demand. The apartment been completely renovated with hard wood floors, stainless steel appliances and dishwasher. The open lay out kitchen provides a large spacious setting across the living room for any social gathering or event. It was a no brainer this apartment was for us. Though having been highly pleased with our living situation, there have been a few incidents in which our apartment needed repair work. One example was when a year after moving into our newly renovated apartment, the wooden floors began to buckle. Quickly after verbally notifying the superintendent, building management communicated with us that they would replace the floors of the entire apartment. Not only did they accommodate us by working around our schedules, it took them only a few days to finish the job. This and other incidents made us appreciative of the way management dealt our complaints. No matter how inconvenient the situation was. It's important that I stress the gratitude my brother and I have for residing at 120 Vermillyea. From the upkeep of the grounds, to the overall environment. We recognize how fortunate we have been to live here. Thank you Stellar Management.

Susan and Chuck Willis I do truly want to thank you in general for the way you take care of the building and its' tenants. You really do take the time to treat the businesses with understanding. We can always tell that you sincerely listen and work to find any solutions whenever needed which I believe in turn, creates an atmosphere where tenants want to be as gracious and easy as possible. It makes people want to be helpful members of the building in return!!! I hope you are off to a good summer weekend! Sincerely, Susan and Chuck Willis

Mary Williams I just wanted to share the great experience I have had living at 3 Post Avenue. The halls are quiet, the trash is always maintained by the porter. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting a lot of my neighbors but the few I have seen were pleasant. I love my comfortable one bedroom with the state of the art appliances and I will be residing here at this complex for a long time to come. Stellar Management keep up the great work !!!!!!

Blondi's Spa I highly recommend Stellar Management and their team. They provide a friendly and personal service, which is also very professional and efficient. I have been mostly impressed with the professionalism, friendliness and attention to detail from Tobias. We have had nothing but a great relationship with everyone at Stellar since we initially rented .We look forward to a continued successful relationship.

Perche Agnieszka "We have been living in the Eckford Street building for 4 months now, and have had a great experience from the day 1. The building manager was kind enough to accommodate our move-in time and date, the Super is not only very kind but very understanding when a problem occurs. He deals with it immediately and makes sure we are happy. The management, the building and the location have made our living experience in Brooklyn delightful. We highly recommend the building to anyone looking for a new home."

Sam Steinberger After growing up in New York City my whole life, I knew moving out of my parents apartment and on my own would be a challenge. When the time did come, I was fortunate enough to live in one of the Stellar Management properties in lower Manhattan, residing between the East Village and Union Square, on the corner of 14th street and 2nd Avenue. Knowing I was going to be on my own for the first time in NYC, I was nervous about feeling safe, secure, and of course, living in comfortable conditions that could come close to the New York City apartment I grew up in. I can honestly say that living in 223 2nd Avenue was one of the best experiences I could have ever hoped for-- the units had recently been renovated and my studio apartment came equipped with all new kitchen appliances, beautiful hardwood floors, and with everything else in excellent condition. The building Super attended to me as if I were a part of his family, ensuring the apartment was in tip-top shape at all times, that I felt safe, and that the building was always operating at 110%. Stellar Management was always accessible, accommodating, and attentive to any and every thing; I would highly recommend Stellar Management, and would feel lucky to live in one of their properties again.