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Explore The High Line Park This Summer

Explore The High Line Park This Summer

Friday July 8, 2016
Enjoy beautiful views of the city, relax on park lounge chairs and snack on street food from local vendors, or stop by for free events happening all throughout the summer. Here is a list of free amazing things you can do all while being elevated 30 feet above street level.

Join in on a free High Line tour which begins every Tuesday at 6:30pm and Saturday at 10:00am where you'll get a chance to learn about how this unique park destination came to be. The tour runs from May to October and you'll not only enjoy the views but learn some interesting historical facts along the way.

Thought that all parks in the city close after dusk? Not the High Line! Every Tuesday night you'll have a chance to explore the night sky above the city. Volunteers from the Amateur Astronomers Association will show you some of the celestial bodies in the night sky by looking through a high-powered telescope.

Bring your family along to a day of fun on the High Line! Every Saturday, enjoy family activities with a new theme each time. Learn about gardening, bees, splash in the water and get introduced to animals that inhabit the High Line.

Guided tours of High Line's art sculptures, performances, art, and murals will be provided every second Monday through October. Learn all about art on the High Line and experience this park with fresh new eyes.

Enjoy a free tour of design structures of the High Line. The tour runs on the third Wednesday of every month from June through October. You will not only learn about the High Line but about beautiful architecture of adjacent buildings as well.
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