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7 Clever Organizing Ideas to Turn Your Linen Close into a Work of Art

7 Clever Organizing Ideas to Turn Your Linen Close into a Work of Art

Tuesday October 31, 2017
Article by: Caroline Biggs
Oct 29, 2017

Few things are more satisfying to look at than a well-organized linen closet, but creating your own at home can be a whole other story. On top of finding the room to store all of your towels, washcloths, pillowcases, and spare bed sheets organizing a cramped and cluttered storage space is hardly ever an easy—or affordable—feat.

Luckily, with a little imagination—and a lot of help from Pinterest—you can turn any crowded closet into a streamlined space without breaking your bank account. From towel bars to file sorters, here are seven ways to turn your linen closet into a work of art—no professional organizer necessary.

Tie sheets up in fabric

Leave it to Martha Stewart to offer a smart (and color-coded) solution to bedding storage. To keep your pillowcases and bed sheets tidy and together, wrap them up in a large piece of color-coordinated fabric, like Martha's satchels above, inspired by Japanese furoshiki — or you could even use the sheets themselves! They look adorable lined up on shelves and makes finding your sheet sets a breeze.

Wire baskets can work wonders

If you're searching for a chic way to streamline your linen storage, consider investing in a few wire baskets — like the ones seen above on Simply Organized. Not only are they widely available and super affordable, but they also look unbelievably sophisticated while keeping all of your linens organized and distinct.

Use file sorters for storing washcloths

Keep your smaller linens in line with a little help from some file sorters. Whether rolled or folded, they'll help keep your washcloths orderly and more importantly, in plain sight. In this shot, the team from Better Homes and Gardens added some hang tags to keep things sorted.

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