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Places to Hike in New York City

Places to Hike in New York City

Wednesday September 28, 2016
Thinking of hiking? Instead of venturing upstate why not plan and explore your next hiking trip here in New York City,

New York City has over 300 miles of trails, some of the oldest forest in the city and some areas which haven't been touched in years! As you explore these beautiful parks, you will come across many kinds of wildlife, many native animals, and birds from the state. Along the path, you can also visit historic places and have a glimpse of Old New York.
1. Bronx River Forest, Bronx - New York City's only freshwater river.

2. Marine Park, Brooklyn - Over 500 acres of natural areas and wildlife animals

3. Inwood Hill Park, Manhattan - the only natural forest in Manhattan, glacial potholes and marsh in Manhattan.

4. Alley Pond Park, Queens - Home to New York City's oldest and tallest trees.

5. Conference House Park, Staten Island - New York City's "south pole", beachside views, the house where the Revolutionary War peace conference took place in 1776.

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