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9 Ways Curtain Rods Can Solve Your Lifes Problems

9 Ways Curtain Rods Can Solve Your Life's Problems

Friday February 9, 2018
By: Dabney Frake

Curtain rods are more useful than one would think. Their primary function is apparent — cover windows to block light and gain privacy — but there are other reasons to install them, some of which you might not have thought of. Here are nine problems that a basic rod can help you solve around the house.

Warm Things Up
A portière curtain — or, a hanging curtain placed over a door or entranceway — is an elegant way to stop drafts and keep warm air contained in a room. This practical application started in Victorian times but has a lot of validity today as well.

Get Stuff Organized
Putting the curtain aside, add some "S" hooks and use just the rod to organize individual items. West Elm shows how you can easily store your cleaning supplies, kitchen utensils, and craft supplies.

Beautify a Basic Room
Look how this laundry room looks more like a room you'd hang out in, versus a utility space. That's thanks to the soft, patterned curtains hung in front of the washer and dryer. They make it a much prettier area — especially helpful if the room is doing double duty as both laundry and a bathroom or office.

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