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Make it Work: 8 Beautiful Bedrooms that Include Home Office

Make it Work: 8 Beautiful Bedrooms that Include Home Office

Wednesday September 27, 2017
Article by: Jessica Isaac
Sept. 12, 2017

If you've had it when it comes to dreary home office spaces, listen up. Those who are short on space or privacy (i.e. roommates) needn't look further than the room you sleep in for home workspace, and while writing emails may not be high on your list of favorite bedroom activities, these nine bedroom office nooks are so good they'll have you reducing your commute time in a big way.

As a wellness blogger, homeowner Lee Tilghman needs a serene space to gather her thoughts. This small bedroom corner contains a streamlined office space, complete with an abundance of oxygen-producing plant life and natural light, two things that are great for enhancing energy, mood, and, ultimately, productivity.

This teeny tiny Scandi space seen in Fika Magazine is packed full of functionality. In classic Scandinavian fashion, the room is stripped down to the bare essentials, while each item inside is well-crafted from natural materials to create a peaceful and organized aesethic that is optimal for productivity.

Remember, whether you're a 9-to-5er or a full-time freelancer, a designated at-home work space can do wonders for your productivity. Think outside the cubicle and consider utilizing that sweet bedroom real estate next time you need a change of scenery.

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