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Small Bathroom Design

Small Bathroom Design

Tuesday October 3, 2017
By: Cynthia Bowman
September 30, 2017

Tired of your small, dark and uninspiring bathroom? Are you ready to finally give it an overhaul? Well, there's no better time to give your small bathroom a fresh look. Small bathroom design is finally stepping out of the cookie-cutter bathtub, sink cabinet, mirror and toilet combination.

The latest small bathroom design ideas are fresh and revolutionary, rethinking what we all expect a bathroom design to look like. Wall-mounted toilets and sinks defy gravity. Cabinet doors are gone. Bold texture and patterns take over a small bathroom space. Get ready to break some rules and open your mind to what your small bathroom should look like with the following nine concepts.

1. You don't need as much bathroom storage as you think

The first small bathroom design idea for 2017 is a big one: you don't need more storage, just a more minimalist attitude! Think about this one for a minute. Those large vanities with the deep cabinet space under the sink are an inefficient use of space. Things get lost at the back of the cabinet. And the scale takes up so much real estate in your small bathroom design that your bathroom ends up looking smaller. So how do you solve the issue?

Get rid of clutter and unnecessary items. How many towels, cosmetics, and hotel toiletries do you need? Replace the clunky bathroom vanity with a floating sink or cabinet or narrow open shelves. You'll be less tempted to clutter your bathroom when the stuff is on display. And you'll open a lot more visual space in your bathroom. Like this bathroom image:

2. Instead of adding storage, add function

Once you clear clutter and replace the oversized bathroom vanity with something more minimalist, think of all the useful things you can do with the space. Like adding an all-in-one washer and dryer. Or creating a vanity space.
Here are more ideas on how to add more utility to your small bathroom:

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