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Stellar Management’s lasting presence in the Bronx is a testament to the community and its residents. Committed to providing the workforce population with modern apartments at reasonable prices, Stellar maintains an active interest in various Bronx neighborhoods. The company has renovated over 10 residential buildings in the area, promoted environmental initiatives and fostered a strong community spirit by bringing in new businesses, all in its effort to provide the best living experience possible. For more information, please view our current listings below and contact a Stellar leasing agent today.

Featured Listings

featured 1240 MORRISON AVE
BRONX, NY 10472
A lovely one bedroom in the Bronx.
1 bedroom $1,650
featured 395 EAST 151ST ST
BRONX, NY 10455
A lovely two-bedroom in the Bronx.
2 bedrooms $1,995

Current Bronx Listings

Address ▴ neighborhood ▴ unit Beds ▴ Baths Floor Plan Price ▴
NYC Bronx 1131-1133 OGDEN AVE 16R     1131-1133 ogden ave Bronx 1131-1133-16R 2 1 $2,200
NYC Bronx 1131-1133 OGDEN AVE 09F     1131-1133 ogden ave Bronx 1131-1133-09F 3 1 $2,600
NYC Bronx 1240 MORRISON AVE 01F     1240 morrison ave Bronx 1240-01F 1 1 $1,650
NYC Bronx 1889 SEDGWICK AVENUE 14C     1889 sedgwick avenue Bronx 1889-14C 2 1 $2,223
NYC Bronx 2010 BRUCKNER BLVD 08B 2010 bruckner blvd Bronx 2010-08B 1 1 $1,700
NYC Bronx 2040 BRUCKNER BLVD 12J 2040 bruckner blvd Bronx 2040-12J studio 1 $1,475
NYC Bronx 2558 GRAND CONCOURSE 04D 2558 grand concourse Bronx 2558-04D view current offer detailsOffering 1-Month Free 2 1 $2,095
NYC Bronx 2558 GRAND CONCOURSE 01E 2558 grand concourse Bronx 2558-01E view current offer detailsOffering 1 Month Free 2 1 $2,195
NYC Bronx 395 EAST 151ST ST 01A 395 east 151st st Bronx 395-01A view current offer detailsOffering 1 Month Free 2 1 $1,995
NYC Bronx 950 UNDERHILL AVE 01J 950 underhill ave Bronx 950-01J 1 1 $1,650

About Bronx

The northernmost of New York’s five boroughs, the Bronx’s identity has changed over the past decade as numerous revitalization projects and new developments redefine the area. Yes, it still the home of the Yankees, the Bronx Zoo and the New York Botanical Gardens, but it’s also seen construction on classic brownstone walkups and high-rises bringing renewed life and exciting rental opportunities—from workforce housing to higher-end apartments—to this diverse community. The Bronx boasts a rich musical tradition, with many forms of jazz and hip-hop originating from the borough’s parks and plazas. Spend an afternoon walking through Van Courtland Park or along the Hudson River and you’re bound to hear something that brings a smile to your face and rhythm to your step. Come see for yourself why the perception of the Bronx is changing and how its robust cultural tapestry continues to thrive.

Buildings in this neighborhood

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