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Stellar Management has provided upscale apartments to East Village denizens for over 20 years. Our residential buildings in this cultural and entertainment hot spot house over 200 fully renovated units, serving as the perfect respite when quiet time away from all the activity is needed. Located steps away from some of the city’s hottest attractions and public transportation, those relaxed nights at home may be few and far between, but at least its comforting to know the option is there. Check out the listings below and get in touch with our leasing office to schedule a viewing.

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About East Village

The East Village may have been the birthplace of punk rock and New York City’s counterculture movement, but current residents will attest to a more welcoming vibe in the community these days. Still a hotspot for some of the biggest names in music, as well as up-and-coming performers, the East Village is now equally known for its restaurants, nightlife and in-demand apartments. Traditional walkups and a growing number of luxury doorman buildings comprise most of the residential options, all surrounded by a bustling atmosphere radiating quintessential New York characteristics. Walk about half a block in any direction in the East Village and expect to see something memorable and completely unique to the neighborhood. The F/L/6 trains make multiple stops in the East Village.

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