Upper Manhattan

A fixture in Upper Manhattan, Stellar Management owns and operates over a dozen residential properties above 110th Street. The company is committed to renovating buildings and modernizing apartments throughout the area, as well as leasing commercial space to local businesses, establishing communities residents want to live in. The Stellar team examines the needs of the neighborhood and finds relevant and in-demand businesses to fill its mixed-usage properties. It’s an approach that creates a better experience for residential tenants and has been successful in Upper Manhattan during its revitalization.

Featured Listings

featured 529 WEST 179TH ST
NEW YORK, NY 10033
A lovely four-bedroom apartment located in Washington Heights
4 bedrooms $3,995
featured 600 WEST 136TH ST
New York, NY 10031
A cozy six-bedroom apartment located in Washington Heights.
6 bedrooms $6,295

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529 WEST 179TH ST, NEW YORK, 01A, 3x1, Photo 529 west 179th st Washington Heights 529-01A 3
virtual tour
1 download $3,895
529 WEST 179TH ST, NEW YORK, 05C, 4x1c4, Photo 529 west 179th st Washington Heights 529-05C 4
virtual tour
1 download $3,995
600 WEST 136TH ST, New York, 6A, 6x2j8, Photo 600 west 136th st Washington Heights 600-6A 6
virtual tour
2 download $6,295
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About Upper Manhattan

Venture above 110th Street to witness the urban renewal taking place across the upper reaches of Manhattan. From Harlem to Inwood, individuals and businesses alike have committed to upgrading the amenities and attractions in these traditionally workforce neighborhoods. It means modernized apartments in classic New York buildings; a more diverse selection of top restaurants and shopping destinations. One thing staying the same is Upper Manhattan’s abundance of public parks and outdoor areas, the perfect compliment to the upgraded residential and commercial landscape. Hop on many of the public transportation options to this burgeoning section of New York City and check out the new Upper Manhattan.

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